Eyelash Extensions

We all want to look our best, all the time. The trouble with being such hard working ladies is finding the time to make that happen. Well, stop looking!

Eyelash extensions are our new best friend, the low maintenance way of looking fabulous- all of the time! Say goodbye to panda eyes, and hello to getting your way with a mere flutter of the lashes! Once you try them, you will never go back to runny mascara or being caught without your “face” on.

We look forward to seeing you, and transforming those eyes of yours into something simply stunning!

Price List

 Glamour Full Set: $120

Every lash is covered to give you the wow factor you have always wanted. Nothing shy about this look! Put aside at least 1.5hours of relaxation for this one.

Natural Set: $100

A more natural look with approximately 50 std lashes on each eye. Put aside 1hr for this treatment.

1~2 Week Refills: $50

3 Week Refills: $60

4 Week Refills: $70

 After eyelash extensions