Emily Cull

I have been getting eyelash extensions done for more than 3 years now, and have had a really hard time finding someone who does a good job but doesn’t charge a fortune. Finally, my search is over! Gill is a really great extensionist, she is quick but thorough and very gentle. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rae Murphy

I love my lashes, thank you Gillian!  No more mascara!  Having them done is so relaxing, and they are very easy to look after.  They will be a great asset when I go to Fiji next month – just up and go!

Constance Churchill

I had my lashes done in preperation for my honeymoon in Thailand and now, I am officially addicted.
Especially as I waer contact lenses every day my new lashes save time and itchy eyes! No more mascara crumbles in my eyes or my contacts… brilliant.
And as I swim a lot they are especially grand – no panda eyes and even in the pool they look fantastic!!
Thank you Gillian for a job very well done… I’ll definately be back!

Brihony Gooch

Gill, thank you so much for my “va-va voom” lashes!!  Not only do they look fantastic, I don’t have to bother with mascara anymore. No more ugly ‘Panda’ eyes after a long hard day at work or a night on the town!  Definately, worth the small investment.

Rieneke Daniels

Thanks so much for my beautiful eyelashes.  I have never had anything ‘permanent’ on my eyes before and I just love not having to worry about my makeup in the morning especially when I have early morning starts – just foundation, lipstick and I’m out the door – wonderful – I also wear glasses and am relieved that they do not interfere at all with my glasses.  I have also opted for the ‘thicker/longer look and am delighted with it.  Thanks so much


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